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Romantic blue and gold wedding in Halkidiki|Natalie&Patricio

It’s a perfect mid-September day and the bright blue sky and calm sea combine perfectly with the old town cobble stones giving you the idyllic Greek picture. The late summer heat rises to the occasion of celebrating Natalie and Patricio Greek wedding, in Athitos, Xalkidiki, all styled by talented Eleni Georbakali and her talented husband Giorgos Kalos, of the infamous Kipos Kalou of Thessaloniki.

We arrive on the scene at the historic museum in the center of town. The decor displays a sultry red against a noble blue and the bride cannot resist the romantic notion she feels looking at the love of her life in his magnetic azure coat. “We knew we were made for each other the first time we kissed and after 6 months we did away with tradition, eschewed an engagement and simply married each other with the joy in our hearts bursting so brightly through us” the bride said.

We completed their photo shoot in the picturesque village and then we were whisked away to the beach, just before dusk. Yet another completely dramatic scene had been created with a lusciously adorned back drop, dripping sweet flowers just in front of the sea and leading to it was a very long white runway laid upon the sand. To the side were two simple columns that held a stunning arrangement of flowers atop. It was framed by all this beauty, that they held a very intimate ceremony, restating their heartfelt vows to each other in front of her Greek family. They exchanged brushed gold rings custom made by Kalfidis jewelers and for a sweet surprise Patricio played her a melody that he learned the day before on his new bouzouki. “I have never felt so adored in my life than that moment of my husband serenading me with so much love” the bride said.

The grand finale was an absolutely gorgeous presentation of sweets. There was a delicious naked red velvet cake adorned by dark purple grapes, old-world brass lanterns, buckets frothing over with glorious flowers, and small fine plates piled high with glazed delicate cookies and blue diamond shaped chocolates, all made by Martha’s Sweet Philosophy.