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Konstantinos & Veroniki

Cambridge, England

If there is something that I absolutely adore it’s definitely traveling! I feel truly blessed that my job gives me the opportunity to travel! Therefore, there was no way I would refuse Konstantin & Veroniki’s offer to travel to the UK in order to photograph them.

It’s a couple of greek descent, who permanently lives in a beautiful provincial town called Hitchin, just outside of Cambridge. First stop: the romantic medieval town of Cambridge. The photoshoot begins with a gondola ride across the river Cam that flows through the town. Every single corner of that town is worth photographing especially with a couple that much in love in the picture. The last clicks are just before sunset and we return to Hitchin to prepare for the next day’s photoshoot.

The couple’s wish was to be photographed in the city they live and that they have grown to love so; A town full of green and slow, peaceful way of life, ideal for growing a family.

Konstantin & Veroniki I wish that you remain in love with each other forever and thank you for sharing such special moments with me.

LOCATION: Cambridge, England