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Konstantinos & Katerina


Konstantinos and Katerina chose to have a small, intimate wedding at a wonderful chapel near the sea and it was absolutely perfect!  It was a sunny and warm July day, which was ideal for their outdoor ceremony.

More than anything, the couple wanted their day to exude a sense of family. They wanted their guests to feel their commitment and love. Their entire day was full of genuine emotions and that sense of family was so evident.

My favorite part of the day was after the ceremony. The couple and I headed towards the lighthouse to take some pictures. The scenery was just breathtaking and the sunset gave us the most amazing colors to work with. At a moment like this, you just stop and take it in..

I am truly honored to have been a part of this day. It’s one I will never forget and one that I will forever admire because of how intentional Kostantinos and Katerina were in making this wedding true to them and no one else.

LOCATION: Thessaloniki