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Niki & Simon

American Farm School, Thessaloniki

Join the cross-cultural journey of Simon and Niki, a dynamic couple blending Greek and Syrian traditions in the heart of Thessaloniki, Greece. Niki’s Greek heritage and Simon’s Syrian roots created a vibrant tapestry of love that unfolded in the historic Church of the American Farm School. The celebration continued at Polis Convention Center, where the reception became a lively fusion of two distinct cultures, echoing the harmonious union of Simon and Niki. My lens captured the vibrant moments, laughter, and shared joy as these two worlds came together seamlessly, creating a wedding story that transcends borders and beautifully celebrates the richness of diversity.
Planning @caravanprojectevents
Videography @dimitris.pavlidis.filmmaker
Floral design @anthos.lab
Light & music production @nxatz
Venue @polisconventioncenter

LOCATION: American Farm School, Thessaloniki