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Panos & Ksenia


Xenia & Panos’s idea to be photographed before their wedding, came up on account of a slideshow of their photographs, that they wanted to be presented on their wedding reception right before their arrival.

While driving to the location of the photoshoot I asked them how they met: “I was working at a café that he used to go to with his friends and so our romance began” said the bride, “Panos is expressing his love for me in every possible way and with the simplest things. He keeps surprising me! We have been together for 5 years and we are still as in love as ever!”.

Later Xenia revealed to me that Panos never actually proposed. One day before the wedding, however, while spending the afternoon together at the house, he put on their favorite song, the one that they would dance to at their wedding. He then fell on his knee with an engagement ring on his hand and asked: “Will you marry me tomorrow at 7 p.m.? ” She was so moved that she couldn’t stop crying.

LOCATION: Thessaloniki