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Patricio & Natalie

Halkidiki, Greece

To begin with, I would like to let you know that Natalie & Patricio live in Santa Barbara
He is a musician and bassist on the @nahko_and_mftp band, and she is a dancer! And guess what? They have met when Natalie and her friends join, as an audience, at one of Patricio’s concerts.

Natalie is half Greek and half Dutch and Patricio is Chilean!
These two lovebirds live the life that many of us have dreamt about!
They live in a bus house and 9 months per year, they travel around for the band’s concerts!
This way they have met many people and visited too many different places.
However, they have both felt in love with one specific destination in a small country in the south!!!

Back in 2016, these two beautiful souls got married in Halkidiki and I had the honor to be their wedding photographer!
How is it possible for time to be passing this quickly? It seems like just yesterday we were sitting down planning pow-wow and 4 years later we met again and it feels like nothing has changed!
Natalie and Patricio, thank you so much for trusting me and letting me be part of those beautiful moments of yours. Enjoy life the way you already do and I look forward to meeting you again!

LOCATION: Halkidiki, Greece